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and Training Workshops for the school students, teachers and parents

The training programs at IAHP are certainly designed to meet “the need of the hour” demands of educational institutions and people involved.

Our trainers are from a wide spectrum teaching and training the modern day children and youth across the nation. The programs are tailor made to the needs of the student community and the trainer will be delivering the best to the each child.  Our trainers can create a strong mental and emotional bonding with the students of all age groups and backgrounds. The students can relate to our trainers at a personal level as the trainers mostly use real life experiences and stories as metaphors.  Our trainers are expert in using metaphors as a medium of communication which yields high levels of rapport with the audience.  Our trainers come up with practical, proven, easy to apply and student friendly techniques and strategies.

Our trainers working with educational institutions – schools, colleges, polytechnics, universities and the hidden agenda is the fact “empowering youth is empowering our nation”.  Our trainers are ready with customized programs for students, teaching community, other staffs, governing members and parents.

You can visit our trainer’s page to know more about our trainers.

Below are some of the session topics conducted at various colleges and schools.

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Most Common Session Topics:

You can have any of these conducted at your school or college or you can have a customized topic for your audience




Understanding yourself and your child

Positive parenting

Using praise and appreciation effectively

Expressing your love for your child

Being a role model


Sharing culture and spiritual bonds

Listening to your children

Being a good parent

Parenting a teenager

Right and wrong parenting

Right and wrong touch

Cross checking children

Making your child feel special

Discussing with your children

Academics and your child

Growing up with the child

Empowering the Child

Techniques for effective teaching

Class room management

School as a family

Using resources

Supporting students

Being an effective colleague

Being an effective teacher

Assessment and record keeping

Rapport establishing

Abnormal behavior management

Upgrading their professional life

Knowing about disabilities

Communicating with the parent

Communicating with the student

Alternative punishments

Being a good teacher

Career guidance

Managing stress

Academic Excellence

Happy to Succeed

Modern Day Friendship

Myths of Life

Working Smart and Short

Career profiling

Crafting Life

Effective Communication

Creating Change

Self Image

Love and Sex

First Aid

Making the real You

Managing TIME

Stress Management

Youth Leadership

Goal Setting

Self Belief

Law of Attraction

Self Discovery

Social Intelligence

Effective Relationships

Achieving your potential

Discovering You

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Mental Health First Aid Training for students   Mental Health First Aid Training for students
Mental Health First Aid Training for Principals, Teaching Community, Administrators and Parents   Mental Health First Aid Training for Principals, Teaching Community, Administrators and Parents
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