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One day workshop on “Safer Colleges” for College Principals, Professors, Lecturers, Administrators and Other related People

Dr. B. Imtiyaaz
Train yourselves and your staff to create “safer colleges

Parents, community members and educators alike are becoming increasingly aware of the need to contribute to children’s character development. The promotion of a caring, respectful and safe climate is a priority for all colleges. In this one day seminar we look at the factors that contribute to a safe college, including a psychology model to suit college, sound mental health, the use of discretion, staff training, parental involvement and student empowerment. Participants will have many opportunities to examine cutting edge research, review effective practices, and discuss the issues, share and network.

Participants will be trained on mental health first aid required for colleges as well as educated on various models of school psychology services customized to meet their unique set of demands and needs.

The resource person is Dr. B. Imtiyaaz, a School Psychologist and a successful trainer.  He is the first in India to train psychology graduates and professionals to become as School Psychologists and again he is the first in India to Train People on Mental Health First Aid. He is the founder of and President of International Association of Holistic Psychology. He leads a team of professionals working with students of schools and colleges across the country.  He has been working on child and adolescent development for the last 8 years and has been an active participant in various researches like girl empowerment, home schooling, inclusive education, etc.,

He has worked with all types of schools and colleges for almost eight years and has trained hundreds of people to work as a school psychologist creating safer environments for the children. His team of school psychologists is spread out throughout India serving all types of schools under his able guidance and support. The way he conducts the sessions in an interactive way, narrating things with cases as metaphors, providing scope for debate and discussion with a pragmatic approach makes his workshops unique.

Visit his website at to know more about him.
  1. To raise awareness about the issues concerned with college students
  2. To highlight the need of mental health care
  3. To provide an insight on how students can be helped with proper mental health care
  4. To Train people involved on basic mental health first aid approaches, facilitating them in helping the needy
  5. To develop and promote the idea of “Safer Colleges”
  6. To help the colleges adapt to a customized model of school psychology / mental health care in their colleges

This workshop addresses the issues college administrators, principals and teachers must face on a daily basis to ensure that their college remains safe for both students and staff. The workshop caters to the needs of the college management, principal, senior teachers, teachers and other relates staffs by providing vital knowledge about creating safe colleges.

  • A college can organize this One day seminar for their staffs and the trainer’s fee will be charged.
  • A college can organize this One day seminar for their people and for the people from other colleges in their city. The fee for each participant will be worked out based on the area of conduction and facilities provided by the organizing college.

The workshop will be full of resources, discussions, case studies, and debates. The mode will be interactive and participant friendly with lots of brain storming and knowledge capped sessions.  The workshop will deal with practically possible information that can be applied to our Indian college setting. Case discussions will be the pick of the workshop, as participants will be able to understand pragmatically about how to handle things.

There will be four sessions on a given day. The session topics are


The need for psychological services at your college

  • The issues we face
  • The impact of the issue
  • The need for better student management
  • Mental Health Documentation

Mental Health First AID

  • Identifying Mental Health Needs
  • Basic Counseling Skills
  • Understanding the new generation youth
  • An outline about therapies
  • Case Discussion
  • First aid strategies – Handling Most Common Issues

Creating safer colleges

  • Whole College Emotional Wellbeing
  • Customized model for needs of each college / Institution
  • Using the available resources

Participant Discussion & Feedback


  • A flexible date and time will be decided on Consultation.
  • Venue can be your school auditorium or seminar hall or common place

On completion, the participant will be certified by the International Association of Holistic Psychology

Contact us at for more details on conducting this seminar at your place.

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Mental Health First Aid Training for students   Mental Health First Aid Training for students
Mental Health First Aid Training for Principals, Teaching Community, Administrators and Parents   Mental Health First Aid Training for Principals, Teaching Community, Administrators and Parents
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